NODE platform

Make the NODE platform your foundation

The NODE platform tracks motion with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

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The most reliable and cost-effective color referencing system

Let us upload your custom color set. Reference colors to your color library with NODE+chroma.

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A CO2 sensor that fits in your pocket

NODE+CO2 is used in air-quality research initiatives around the world.

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A rugged, stainless steel thermocouple probe

Use the NODE+thermocouple with a compatible K type probe that fits your needs.

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Therma Pro

An infrared thermometer trusted by professionals

NODE+therma Pro is used by professionals who need to measure temperature with precision.

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Measure surface temperature with ease

NODE+therma is a compact infrared thermometer that records data on your smart device.

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Measure air quality for education and research

Use NODE+OXA gas sensors for research initiatives, educational purposes, and air quality monitoring.

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A programmable flashlight that syncs with your smart device

NODE+luma is a programmable flashlight to facilitate your work in the dark or communicate sensor data with light.

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NODE+clima integrates four environmental sensors into one module

Monitor barometric pressure, room temperature, ambient light, and humidity.

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Integrate your hardware easily with the NODE+I/O

Hook up any custom sensor to the NODE+ and simplify your electronics projects.

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The only wireless barcode reader with interchangeable sensor modules

NODE+barcode streamlines supply-chain processes and inventory management.

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