Spectro 1 is a compact, affordable tool for accurately measuring and communicating color at the professional and industrial level.




Spectro 1 is App compatible, Bluetooth enabled, and backed by one of the most powerful cloud management systems in the industry.





We combined Spectro 1’s compact, portable design with patent pending technology to design a convenient, efficient, and highly accurate color matching system that works with your smartphone. Spectro by Variable App lets you easily measure, save, and share powerful color data.



Professional Grade


Unlike standard issue colorimeters on the market, Spectro 1 uses multiple light sources and sophisticated matching algorithms to produce exact color matches, formulations, reflectance curve data, and detailed color data for every scan.

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The market is used to shelling out thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain bulky spectrophotometers. We’ve taken the power of expensive benchtop spectrophotometers out from behind the retail counter and put it in your pocket--for $299.

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