5 Key Features You Probably Didn’t Know…

Designed to work seamlessly with both our Color Muse and Color Muse SE devices, the Color Muse app is a must for getting the most out of your product. Compatible with both Apple’s iOS and Android softwares, the Color Muse app is the best way to keep your color information in one place and communicate with your team on the go.


The Color Muse app is truly the easiest way to scan, store and compare colors, and it’s the most efficient way to share information between yourself and others as well. Below, we have compiled some tips so you can be certain you are getting the most out of your Color Muse and the Color Muse App.


The Features of the Color Muse App You Need to Know About

With these tips, getting the most out of your Color Muse App has never been easier! Read on to make sure you are making full use of all the features we offer.


1. You can match colors to common fan decks. Because we have data regarding fan decks from large paint companies such as Sherwin Williams, Behr and PPG, you can match any color you scan into the Color Muse App with our fan deck data to find exactly the paint shade you are looking for.


2. You can find matches for scanned colors with ease. When you scan a color with your Color Muse or Color Muse SE, you will be able to find its nearest match within the Color Muse app. Additionally, with a Pantone® Color subscription by Variable you can match to more than 16,500 Pantone colors.


3. You can compare colors to one another. Not only can you scan a color and find its match, but you can also store the scan and then compare the color with others to see differences such as the Delta E score and RGB reading. Whether you are looking for the closest match or a complementary color, you can easily compare two hues when you scan to our extensive database of colors.


4. You can create and store your standards. With our Saved Colors feature, it is easy to store your standardized colors and share them with the rest of your team. Whether you have specific brand colors or colors for a certain project, or you need to quickly get a new contractor up to speed, saving the colors in the app allows you to keep track of everything in one convenient place.


5. You can view coordinating colors. If you are looking for inspiration on a new project, finding coordinating colors can often be quite difficult. In the Color Muse App, you can view a color you have scanned and the app will automatically return complementary, coordinating colors for you to review. That way you can easily expand your palette and ensure that every color you choose will go well together.

If you would like to learn more about the apps that we offer, visit our website today! We have apps that work with the Color Muse, the Color Muse SE, the Spectro 1 and Spectro 1 Pro and more.