Variable’s line of portable spectrophotometers are now able to fully integrate with PC-based software creating a seamless way to measure and communicate color that’s affordable and easy to use

Here’s How it Works

Unfortunately, Bluetooth technology is not standardized across all personal computers; this means there are limitations to using our instruments with PC-based software. To remedy this issue, Variable has created an external, reliable Bluetooth dongle (known as The Bridge). The Bridge connects to the PC via the USB port and can stay paired with any of our Spectro units within a distance of 25 feet (7.5 meters).

A custom license key comes with every Bridge kit. Once the key is saved on the computer it can be used to connect the host software with the spectrophotometer, allowing the formulation of accurate, custom colors—whether that’s the Starbucks green, the Coca-Cola red, or your own company’s brand color, you’ll be able to produce the same hue each time.

But there’s a catch. Companies looking to integrate our device need to build this integration into their software. That’s why we have an open API that allows development teams the necessary software documentation for integrating this product into their systems.

For example, traditional paint formulation softwares run on PCs that are located near tinting machines. Owners of the formulation software can use our open API to integrate our Spectro product line into their softwares. Once complete, anyone running that software would be able to install their Spectro on the machine, allowing our spectrophotometer to produce the information that’s needed to tint a color.

The Bridge kit comes with either a Spectro 1 or Spectro 1 Pro (depending on which one the user requests), Bridge device, USB drive, and three calibration tiles. To get started, contact Variable at [email protected]. Our team will assist you in beginning your integration process.

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