Spectro App Tutorials

Spectro Tutorials

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Spectro 1 is App compatible, Bluetooth enabled, and backed by one of the most powerful cloud management systems in the industry.

Connect To Spectro 1

  1. Make sure Bluetooth on your mobile device is turned on.
  2. In the Spectro by Variable App, press “Connect Device” and follow on screen instructions.
  3. Double press the scan button on your Spectro 1 to enter pairing mode.

Scan and Match Colors

Remove dust cap and place or hold Spectro 1 flat against any surface you wish to scan. Click the top button on Spectro 1 or press “Scan” in the app. The scanned color will appear in the app, at the very top of the screen. The LED ring will also show the scanned color for a short time.

Compare Colors

Compare colors by scanning a color standard and color sample. Adjust standard and sample values using the illuminant slider. See the ∆E difference, compare Lab values, and compare spectral curves.

Save and Share

Sort scans and matches into folders and sync folders to Variable Cloud. Share folders or export as CSV.