Color Muse 2


Color Muse 2 is our most accurate and easy-to-use colorimeter. Scan colors and instantly find the closest matching paint colors, products, and sheen in the Color Muse app.

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Paint Match Made Easy™

Matching colors can be a difficult and time consuming process. Fandecks are bulky and fade over time, which forces you to purchase new fandecks or settle for less accurate color matches. Alternatively, cutting a sample from your wall means you’ll have to patch the hole later on.

Color Muse 2 removes the guesswork around paint matching by instantly finding the closest paint colors and sheen. Scan the color of any flat surface and match to thousands of products in the Color Muse app from brands like Sherwin-Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and others.

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Match. Coordinate. Save. Share.

In addition to finding the closest paint color and sheen, Color Muse 2 finds coordinating colors, real-world inspiration photos, and even the color’s Hex, CMYK, RGB, Lab, LCH, LRV, and HSB values.

Explore coordinating colors to create your perfect color palette.

Keep your projects organized with saved colors. Share your saved colors with others.

Compare two colors and sheens to see the numerical difference.

Durability meets performance

Designed for the ultimate color matching experience, Color Muse 2 is built for fast, accurate color matching no matter where you are.

The aluminum body and calibration shutter help protect the internal optics and calibration paper from dirt and debris.

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Color Muse App

The app integrates the device’s color sensing technology, providing a seamless color communication tool for professional painters, interior decorators, graphic designers, DIYers, and everyone in between.

Color Muse + Pantone® Color Subscription by Variable

When you purchase a Color Muse device, you’re now able to subscribe to more than 16,500 Pantone colors directly through an in-app purchase (sold separately).

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions

    46.75mm diameter | 46.25mm tall

  • Weight


  • Battery Capacity

    1,200 scans

  • Measurement Size


  • Compatibility

    Apple devices running iOS 11 or later | Android devices running lollipop (5.0) or later | Bluetooth® 4.0 or later

  • Optical Geometry


  • Repeatability (Short Term)

    0.05 ∆E00

  • Inter-Instrument Agreement

    0.2 ∆E00 Average | 0.75 ∆E00 Max