How Good Is Your Color Memory?


QUIZ: Look at the “purple” color above and try to remember the shade. After you finish reading, select the right color from the list below.

Throughout our lives, we collect a lot of information. Some things we forget immediately, while others we can recall for years. The human memory process involves encoding, storage, and retrieval. This allows us to continue to learn from experiences and adapt to situations.

Yet, with all the complexities of our brain, we struggle to remember colors. Think of a memory from a few years ago. Now, try to imagine the colors you were wearing.

As humans, it is difficult for us to recall colors outside of the basic primary color wheel (Blue, Green, Yellow, and so on). Maybe you can remember that you were wearing a blue shirt. But would you be able to describe the exact shade of blue?

Our eyes can see 7-10 million colors. This is why it can be difficult to decide on the exact shade of off-white you wish to paint your living room. Or maybe you are repainting your bedroom the same shade of light blue, but once you arrive at the paint store and see thousands of varieties to choose from, you’re suddenly unsure of the exact shade you have on your wall at home.

The Solution for Better Color Memory

The human brain remembers color in a simplified way. Because our brains aren’t good at storing and recalling detailed color data, like a specific shade of blue, we rely on other methods to communicate color.

Variable took this problem and created a portable spectrophotometer to capture what our brain cannot. Spectro 1 sees the color on your wall and immediately matches it to your referred paint store. Using our cloud-based system, Spectro 1 provides a reliable way for professionals to see and store color beyond what our eyes and memory can.

Spectro 1 takes color matching a step further to show how a color may change appearance in different types of lighting. Some of us have experienced buying an item of clothing or piece of furniture that seems to match at the store, but looks completely different once we step outside. This process is called Metamerism and is only one of the many features our device offers for best matching.

Learn more about why our Spectro 1 is the perfect replacement for your color memory or contact [email protected] to learn how to upload your products today.

QUIZ ANSWER: Number 12