Introducing ColorSnap™ Match Pro

New Sherwin-Williams® paint and sheen matching tool.

Sherwin-Williams® is releasing a new paint and sheen matching tool: the ColorSnap™ Match Pro. ColorSnap™ Match Pro will become available for purchase both online and in Sherwin-Williams® stores over the next few months. The future of paint matching is here.

Since the launch of the original ColorSnap™ Match in 2018, we’ve been gathering feedback and engineering a significantly improved second-generation tool. ColorSnap™ Match Pro eliminates the guesswork in paint matching by allowing you to instantly find the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color and sheen with the click of a button. Simply scan the color of a flat surface, match the color to the closest Sherwin-Williams® paint colors in the ColorSnap™ Match app, and purchase the paint from your local store.

What sets ColorSnap™ Match Pro apart from the original ColorSnap™ Match?


1. The ability to identify sheen

In addition to finding the closest Sherwin-Williams® paint color, ColorSnap™ Match Pro also identifies the surface’s sheen. The tool enables users to compare the finish levels of two different measurements.

What this means for you: You know as well as we do that matching colors can be a time-consuming and difficult process. With so many different colors and sheens available, it’s tough to nail down the right color without taking a sample into the store. ColorSnap™ Match Pro eliminates the guesswork around sheen by giving you a surface’s sheen at the push of a button.


2. Improved accuracy

Users will see a noticeable improvement in accuracy, especially when matching light and dark colors.

What this means for you: Improved accuracy enables you to be more confident that you’re getting the closest match with every scan.


3. Improved design with integrated calibration

Calibrating ColorSnap™ Match requires users to place and remove a calibration cap onto the bottom of the device. Over time, the calibration paper may get dirty or the cap may get lost. With the new design of ColorSnap™ Match Pro, the calibration paper is integrated into the device and is protected from dust and dirt. Using the dial on the bottom of the tool, users can open and close the shutter for streamlined calibration and scanning.

What this means for you: The calibration process is built into the device pairing process, allowing you to quickly start scanning colors without the hassle of placing and removing a calibration cap. The ColorSnap™ Match Pro utilizes a dial and shutter mechanism to expose the tool’s optics for scanning.


4. LED indicators

The wake button on ColorSnap™ Match Pro includes an LED that signals the tool’s status for different metrics and tasks including:

  • battery level
  • Bluetooth™ pairing
  • scanning
  • troubleshooting and errors

What this means for you: Visual indicators allow you to know your device’s battery level without needing to connect to the app. The indicators will signal when the device is pairing, connected, scanning, or if there is an issue with the device.

Product Comparison

Product Diagram

Product Specifications

Inter-Instrument Agreement

Average – <0.2 ∆E00

Max – <0.75 ∆E00

Short Term Repeatability

<0.05 ∆E00


96% match on the Sherwin-Williams fandecks

Measurement Size


Optical Geometry


Battery Capacity

1,200 scans


  • Apple devices running iOS 11 or later
  • Android devices running lollipop (5.0) or later
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 or later


  • Height: 46.25mm
  • Diameter: 46.75mm
  • Weight: 56g

Visit your local Sherwin-Williams® store for purchasing and availability.

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