Low-cost color instruments – How good are they really?

Original article by Eric Kirchner

As Color Technology Team, we recently tested some new color instruments that are for sale at low prices, even below $100.
I certainly like the looks of instruments like Nix, ColorMuse and ColorCatch Nano. But how good are they?
Can they really help painters and #AkzoNobel customers with #LetsColour?

Actually, we were surprised how good these devices are in finding the right #color. Therefore, we determined how this great performance relates to measurement precision and to color collections like #RAL. We are proud about our results and the understanding we obtained by mathematical analysis on measurement precision and color density, so watch this video or check our recent publication: https://lnkd.in/dvZTPGU .
#colorresearch #passionforpaint
Eric Kirchner
@Keshav Sivakumar
Pim Koeckhoven