News: Colombian Prosthetics Company Uses Color Muse for Skin Tone Matching

Color Muse Used to Find Best Skin Tone Match

One of the biggest challenges Mas Capacidad faces is achieving the closest color match to customers’ skin tones because the perception of color is affected by environmental factors, the biggest one being lighting. Typically, a patient must be physically present to accurately match their skin tone for their new prosthetic.

Recently, Mas Capacidad–a a Colombian company that makes tailored prosthetics for arms, legs, hands, and fingers– used Color Muse to help a remote patient match his skin tone for an upcoming prosthetic. They sent a patient–who could not physically travel to the office for in-person matching– a Color Muse device, and told him to report back with the Lab values scanned. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Mas Capacidad CEO, David Correa, says, “Working with Color Muse help us refine the color decision, making a digital comparison of the person and the ready color, eliminating all the environmental variables that affect the tone. Thanks to Variable, Inc. we can work at a distance achieving better products and perfect match with their great tools.”

Congratulations to their happy patient, and thanks to Mas Capacidad for helping change people’s lives and choosing Color Muse to be part of such an important and detailed process.